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The Unwanted Escape

Photo from SKA (5)
Under the gleamy starry sky
Four people sat on a mountain so high
The fire kept them safe and warm
And one of them just looked so calm
But she had raging emotions burning inside her
Piercing the hidden pain deeper like a ruthless dagger
She wondered what she had done so wrong
To deserve such a humiliation whole day long
She escaped from the crowd
Into the vast loneliness
Cried a little. Paused. Cried a little more.
Then kept crying until her eyes got sore.
Her face, they thought, looked sleepy
But her pain wouldn’t go away with all the weeping
“Are you okay?” They asked.
“Yes, I’m good” she lied and
The truth was masked.
Under that starry sky, they began to walk.
And while they laughed and talked
Tears rolled down her cheeks
But how could someone know
For that pitch darkness hid her face
Low and slow.
People were all around her
Yet she felt so lonely,
Who could she blame for her untold misery
Except herself for that unseen injury
She was gifted with silence
And a lot of music in the background
And in it, an answer she had found
“Let it go”, it said
So she silently went back home
And cried herself to sleep on her lonely bed.

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