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Multi Cultural Day: Saudis with the non- Saudis in Riyadh

Photo from SKA (11)
We are all the same yet so different. To celebrate the diversity that the Couch Surfing community in Riyadh has, a multicultural day event was organized in the mid of this month. Around 100 men and women belonging to different countries and cultures adorned themselves in their traditional outfits and wore their flags as a badge of honor. It was indeed a proud moment for everyone involved to represent their country and showcase their culture’s uniqueness by means of various visual presentations to the others present there.
Multicultural events have happened many times in the past but it only included the expatriate communities present here. Those events miss embracing the local Saudi Culture as the Saudis are not really part of the events. CS Multicultural day was organized by Saudis not only to present their culture to the rest of the communities but to also provide a platform for common acceptance, love and camaraderie of all the available nationalities and unique people living in Saudi Arabia.
Photo from SKA (10)
When there’s good food and empty stomachs, no one thinks about pictures
People belonging to the same country grouped together and managed to produce delicious, mouth watering and famous dishes of their country to lend a glimpse of the food haven one can enjoy if they were to visit that particular country. From Moroccan Tagine to Pakistani carrot halwa, from Chicken Mandy cooked from scratch in the Istiraha (guest house) to Egyptian Koshari; from the Filipino Segsin to the Eritrean Zegni; there was a surplus of food, joy and a lot of happiness under one big roof.
Photo from SKA (14)
Food Preparations of each country underway
The traditional clothing was simply a mesmerizing site to watch. The men put away their t-shirts and pants and the women, their Abayas. That day people chose to wear costumes that truly represented them. It was a chance to discuss about why people wore what they wore. It was a chance to learn more about the factors that affect the clothing style of a particular place. It was a chance to give some information and get some information. And besides all, it was a chance to have an open mind and tolerance towards the differences we share with others.
Photo from SKA (13)
Photo from SKA (12)
Mugs and medals for the winners
And as the sun said its good bye, various activities and games found their way in to keep everyone entertained. Trusting others’ directions while trying to find your destination, learning about the world by a travel quiz, testing agility and presence of mind and simply listening to the national anthems of the nations involved were some of the lessons that those fun games and activities tried to deliver. As the night set in bringing with it waves of cold weather, the tent and fire allowed all to continue bonding, meeting new people and celebrating the diversity of this travel Couch Surfing community in Riyadh.
Have a look at the quick video made by Traveler Crews to cover the essence of this beautiful event:
Photo from SKA (9)
A glimpse of the CS men in Riyadh. Wait for the other gender in the next post 😉
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