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Run away


Sometimes, silence is better.
A storm is playing within
But no one needs to know.
Keep it to yourself and
Let it go.

It does take a special someone
To understand, feel and break the painful silence.
But, what can you do when
They are devoid of your remembrance?

So, go on with the undesired silence
And build the wall high enough
Stop trying and just give up.

For how long will you be the only one putting in effort? Your thirst for respect got lost in the desert.

Handle the storm of emotions and tears.
Handle it alone.
Coz there will be no mercy, no love
And no care shown.
Let it go.
It’s over, don’t you know?
Let the wall stay built.
Let the silence stay.
Collect the broken pieces
And…. Run away.
R u n a w a y.



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