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Top 7 things to do at Bahrain’s AlDar Islands



Bahrain, unfortunately does not have public access to clean beaches and water activities. However, private firms operate ferries and sea taxis which take you to a variety of islands for an entry price. The most popular one is AlDar Islands which can easily be reached via ferry from Sitra. Their office is just a few meters away from the location of the ferry. You would be required to provide them with your ID which could either be your passport, Iqama, license, or Bahraini ID.  Upon payment of the entry fee, a mini bus takes you to the ferry location and 5-7 minutes of a sea taxi ride later, you are already in the island.

Entry fee: 8BD during weekends; 5BD during weekdays

Operating hours: 9am -5pm (You can stay past 5pm but
                           water activities close down by this time)
Photo from SKA (90)
Instructions at the port 🙂
Photo from SKA (97)
Big and bold. Easy to spot from afar.


Photo from SKA (96)
The sea taxi ready to depart 😉 Yey! Here we come!

Private parking space is available in abundance for those traveling by car. You can safely park it in front of their office and forget about it until you return from the island trip.

Photo from SKA (83)

Once you reach the island, you’ll be welcomed with a pathway that leads to the signboard of the island. A mini office will be facing your left where you can book and purchase your tickets for the water rides.

Photo from SKA (86)

Photo from SKA (93)

If you have not yet changed into your swimwear, they do have designated changing rooms and toilets for both men and women to shower, change and comfortably dress up with a large mirror fixated a little away from the area’s entrance. You are going to find a common, open shower though, but the changing rooms do have doors and there are around 6-7 cubicles making it convenient for everyone.

Now, that you have finally made it to the little island, here are the top 7 things to do:

1. Rent a beach hut and simply enjoy the beauty of the beach

If you are traveling in a group or with a bunch of kids, renting a hut is a useful option. It allows you to place all your belongings in under one temporary roof and catch a gorgeous view of the little place while you sip on your favorite drink. Beach huts are to be rented on the spot after your arrival into the island and are based on availability.

Photo from SKA (94)

Photo from SKA (98)
Lined up..

Photo from SKA (95)

2. Get the adrenaline rush with the water activities

The three major activities available here are Jet skiing, giant bubba ride and banana boating. Fly boarding is supposedly meant to be available too but they claim it is only for professionals to attempt. In my visit, I did not see any fly boarding happening though.

Jet Skiing: If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, your first choice would definitely be jet skiing. For first timers, you do not have to be hesitant as it is really easy to ride. Just remember to keep the grip on the handle strong or you will find yourself pushed out of the Jet Ski into the middle of the sea.

Photo from SKA (92)

Banana boat: The boat is in a long tubular form resembling the shape of a banana, hence the name behind it. At least 4 to 6 persons are required to participate in this activity. You basically sit with your legs apart on either sides as though you are sitting on a bike and the Jet Ski drags the banana boat left and right into the sea giving you a joyous experience of the waves.

Photo from SKA (87)

Bubba ride: The ride, just like the banana boat, is tied to a fast speeding Jet Ski and can accommodate a maximum of three persons. You have a quite a few handles located at different places of the giant bubba which will help you in managing your body from flying away and crashing the sea water, haha. The instructor really tests your agility and ability to move in the right directions throughout the 15-20 minutes of the ride time. The key is to move and position your body in the opposite direction of where the Jet Ski turns itself.

For all the three activities, a life jacket is provided so if you do not know how to swim, fear not! The life vest has got you covered.  All water activities at this island close down by 5 pm. During weekends, you may want to reach the island in the as early as possible so as to secure the bookings on time. It can definitely get crowded despite the limited number of people allowed per day!

Jet skiing: 25 BD for 30 minutes
Giant bubba ride: 5 BD per person up to 3 persons per ride
Banana boat: 5 BD per person up to 6-7 persons per boat

3. Connect with your inner self while lying down on this swing

You don’t have to go far to enjoy this swing. It’s right in the heart of AlDar Islands. The best part is that you do not have to wait for your turn to come because people only use it to get their picture clicked and move away to their chalets. So, if you are a swing lover like I am, you can have it all to yourself for as long as you want!

Photo from SKA (99)

4. Watch crabs crawling around

Sounds dangerous but it is fun in its own way to watch crabs crawling at the shore and the best part is that you do not have to make any effort to find them. They are right there where the sand meets the sea- in the shallow water. If you are traveling with kids though, make sure you accompany them to avoid having them bitten.

crab in close up photography
Photo by manu mangalassery

5. BBQ delicious types of meat and hog it down

There are stations near the chalets where you can bring your own marinated meat and grill it right in front of the sea. If you choose to not pay for the open chalets, you could carry your own tiny BBQ set into the ferry and grill the juicy meat on it. Do not overdo this though as the ferry captain may refuse to let you in should you be carrying a lot of things with you. And, they won’t be lending a hand in carrying either. So, you are, basically, on your own.

Photo by Hamza Piracha

6. And if nothing interests you, then swim…

Swim in the clean and calm water and get closer to nature. Water is shallow and gradually gets deeper as you move away from the shore. And most of all, unlike other activities, it is absolutely free with no time restrictions!


7. Or…party hard and dance your evening away!

Even though the official timings state that it closes by 5 pm, you can stay back until after sunset to dance your evening away. The party scene is on when the sun bids bye- bye! Choose to visit on a full moon night and enjoy it even more!

Location: Al Dar Island

Have already visited AlDar Islands? Share your experience with me.

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