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Why you in a hurry?

The sea is so vast
The sky is so high
Then, why you in a hurry,
Without wings, to fly?
Acquire the knowledge first
And then, plan.
Or, you will end up nowhere,
O Man!

The people are infinite
The weapons, overflowing
Yes, I agree.
Is that why you in a hurry,
Without purpose, to kill so many?
Is that your way to lower competition?
Or, to satisfy your hidden greed and mission?

The world is huge
Beautiful things yet to explore.
Then, why you in a hurry
Without optimism, to suicide and forever stop your worry?
There’s still much to discover
All you need is some patience
To plaster the wounds heavily bled
And the untimely tears so casually shed.

If life is wonderful,
Then, death is next
Why you in a hurry to unearth the rest?

(c) SKA


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