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Part 1: Body and Soul

You are departing from my body

Please help, Somebody!

I can’t bear this departure

Just stop this torture.

I want to stay with you some more time

And make you repent for the committed crime

“Hey, you! Bring him back to me

Why do you want to snatch him from me and flee?”

The loud, harsh voice yells,

“The separation time has arrived, that’s why!”

Without you, I’ll remain

Only a mere part of flesh

“Bring him back, I’m getting stressed!”

Without you, I can’t live

And I’ll die.

My other half- please don’t cry.

The world will forget me now

I’ll either be burned or buried right now.

My Soul, please come back

Because, good deeds, you actually lack.

They’ll dip you in flaming fire

And your pain will grow higher and higher.

But the loud voice yells again,

“It’s time to go. Quiet you remain”

The people have gathered around me

I feel so suffocated

I feel so asphyxiated

Oh no! I’m going to die

Because my Soul is bidding me Good-bye!

(c) SKA

Part 2 is coming soon! Stay tuned 🙂


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