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Part 2: Body and Soul

I am departing from my body
Please help, somebody!
No one to hear my grievances
I am totally overwhelmed with disturbances

God wants to send me to some another world
Which lacks precious stones and gold.
“Why are you taking me away, ugly face?”
For years, I lived fighting cases
To pile up my pyramidical wealth
Without caring about my health.

I, too, can’t bear this departure
Just stop this torture.
If I’m taken elsewhere, my rivals will
Take over my hard work and possessions
I am lamenting over this sudden decision
“Ugly face, just have some patience!”

My body, I’ll miss you terribly
But the good deeds and fire
You warn me about causes unwanted worry.
I fail to understand your process of priority.

Forget about good deeds and think about money
“O ugly face, don’t bereft me from my wealth!”
That’s my world
And to money, I have been sold.

He is my owner
And I’m his devoted slave
I do not wish to get rid of him
And, “don’t you dare!”

“Shut up, you awful sinner
And just enjoy your delicious dinner”,
That loud voice shrieked.
Glimpsing at that dinner, I stopped and freaked.

A bowl of soup it was, filled with blood
And a wobbly, yellowish fluid
That oozes out from the breakage of a blister
“I can’t eat this soup, you ugly mister!”
I open-mouthedly barked
A large tong of burning coal,
In my mouth, was forcibly parked.

I wanted to shout, yell and scream
Like animals do when they are slaughtered.
But I was numb coz of the scary smother.

“This is your money, this is your wealth

Enjoy the way you’re being dealt”,
Growled the harsh voice
I think I now feel ashamed at my choice…

(c) SKA

To be continued in Part 3. Stay tuned!


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