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Review: Amboran Beach Club, Baku, Azerbaijan


Amboran Beach club is 30-40 minutes away from the main city of Baku, Azerbaijan. It is dedicated for those who’d like to chill out in a nice ambiance, swim, sunbath, party and take a daycation during the weekends.

Reasons I chose to visit:

I was craving to see the Caspian Sea and there was no way to go except to visit any of the beach clubs. The public access to the beach was far away from the city and wasn’t clean according to locals. I’d be spending the same amount on a taxi anyway. So, I just decided to go here.

Yayyyy! Finally, the Caspian Sea!

Also, its main competitor, Dalga Beach Club looked much better and promising but their entry fee of 50 AZN for foreigners was a disappointment for me. Locals could get in for 35 AZN though.


Amboran Beach club charges only 20 AZN on Mondays and its fare increases to 25 AZN and 28 AZN on other days with weekends being the highest for obvious reasons.

What to expect:

The entry fee is payable at the ticket office located outside the club which includes a towel and beach chair rental along with an umbrella.


Upon entering, you are greeted with white decor all around. The place is meant for relaxation so it totally makes sense why they must have chosen white as the main color for their buildings and structures.

It has changing rooms, showers (open and closed), toilets and mirrors in more than one location.

The club features a pool of a metre’s depth (or 1.5m depth- I forgot to check the exact depth, but it wasn’t deep at all). Lifeguards are available on site who take their job seriously and whistle at any forbidden activity taking place in the pool. Swimwear adherence is important or you won’t be allowed to enter the pool.


The club has only two water slides which are average- good for trying it once. Other decorative chairs and beds are also available for clicking good pictures and for chilling out.


I looove this!

It has a bar and restaurant for those who’d like to splurge. Of course, I knew it was of no use to me so I didn’t bother exploring much. But, after I was done swimming in the pool, I went to change and put on nice clothes. When I returned, I saw that people had gathered around the bar area and a game was going on.

The game was this: Bounce and throw the ball into the basket after it crosses three round tables. Do this once, and you qualify for the next round.

I was reluctant, (as always- sports is not my thing, I suck at it big time haha), but my friends convinced me into it and had my name written for a chance to try.

Wish me luck! Hihi

I tried. And yey! I basketed the ball! For the final round, I had to do the same thrice in a row to win a cocktail. The guy who went before me could only do it once. Naturally, I only needed to do it twice to win.

In Action 😉 fingers crossed

And, surprisingly, both times I basketed it perfectly! I won the cocktail and the employee said, “You win a non alcoholic cocktail!” He knew that I wouldn’t have alcohol 😉

The other guy who was the runner up won a red bull energy drink.

The winning drink!

All in all, I spent a good 2-3 hours here before bidding it good bye. For those who aren’t Muslims, this club might entice you a little more since you can spend more time partying that begins after sunset.

Would I go there again?

Perhaps not, but that’s only because my major reason to visit it was the Caspian Sea. However, for the quality facilities they provide, it is value for money in Baku to spend and chill out.

Location: 1094, bilgah baku AZ, Bilgəh, Azerbaijan

Timings: 10AM – 11PM Daily


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