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Top 10 things to do in Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is the second most famous city of Georgia for tourists after its capital, Tbilisi. You’d hear a lot of tourists and travelers returning back from Georgia and not having covered Batumi. Their excuse? It was too far for a day trip. Batumi is NOT worth a day trip. It is worth staying there for a minimum of 2 nights to fully relish what the city has to offer.

How to Reach Batumi

Private cars will take you to Batumi and this is your best option if you’re traveling with family. Cost: starting from 110 GEL for the transportation alone.

Going there via Train is highly recommended if you’re going with a group of friends or as a solo traveler because the Georgian Railways have done a great job in maintaining the cleanliness and comfort during the journey.

You can book tickets from the self help machines available all around Tbilisi or go to the Station to buy from the counters directly. Cost: 20 GEL for a one way trip from Tbilisi to Batumi on second class.

(The second class itself was spacious and air-conditioned with clean toilets that I don’t think it’s worth spending 46 GEL to grab a first class ticket).

Note: The tickets sell out fast so don’t forget to book a few days in advance! I booked mine 3 days in advance. Seat selection isn’t available at least while self booking. No food or drink is served with an exception to bottled spring and sparkling water that’s free to consume.

Where to Stay

Hotels are easily available but if you ask for my personal opinion, opt for an Airbnb apartment. Expensive private apartments that you’ll find average between 150-200 GEL per night, so a 100 GEL per night for the whole apartment is a great deal provided it is in close vicinity to the beach. Of course, this option works if you’re more in number and/or looking for some comfort. Otherwise, hostels (starting at 20-30 GEL) are way cheaper and clean too.

I stayed at Coral’s Apartment (https://abnb.me/QGxsrINRqP) which was 3-4 minutes walk to the beach and loved the place! The host, Elena, had everything sparkly clean providing towels, toiletries, hair dryer, iron, iron stand, utensils for cooking and everything that is required to make one feel homeyyy.

Top 10 Things to do in Batumi

1. Tourist Information Centre:

Head to the Tourist Information Centre to grab your copy of the Batumi map and ask any questions you may have to the officials there. You can use Uber to order your taxi while in Batumi.

2. Swim in the Black Sea:

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you’d know how much I loved the Black Sea. Yes, I have seen clean and beautiful beaches elsewhere, but there was a mystic feel in the grey rocks that border the shore making it a natural seat to sit or lie down. Swim, watch the sunset, or simply chill, Batumi is known for its Black Sea. To know more about it, please have a look at the dedicated post about the Black Sea here.

3. Walk or bike along the Boulevard:

The Boulevard has all sorts of attractions to entertain you such as rides for kids, shooting luck games, musicians playing famous tunes like GoT, ice cream vendors wooing you, the many restaurants and cafés inviting you due to their fantastic locations, and the bike trail made specifically for cyclists and bikers by Batumi Government. You can rent a bicycle for as low as 5 GEL per hour and is negotiable if you hire it for more hours or you could rent a 4 seater bike for 20-40 GEL depending on the duration.

4. Marvel at the beautiful musical fountain:

The Boulevard is also home to the colorful, musical fountain that dances to the tune of the song transporting you to bliss!

5. Read the details on the Astronomical Clock:

As the name suggests, the Clock shows astronomical information such as the meridian, moon phase, horizon etc. It is located on the top of a unique looking building in front of Europe Square.

6. Strike your favorite pose in front of the Alphabetical Tower:

The Tower is 130 m high and represents the unique Georgian Alphabet shaped in the form of a DNA double helix structure.

7. Make the statues a backdrop for your pictures:

You know you can’t escape the statues when you’re in the Caucasus region. They follow you everywhere, haha. So why not pose and make a statue photo collage? 😉

8. Go on a Boat Ride:

The boat trip which starts at the harbor has karaoke, lunch and snack options and gives you an opportunity to relax while moving on the sea. Cost: 15 GEL for 30 minutes

View from the harbor 😉

9. Get onto the Cable Car:

The cable car in Batumi is really beautiful and takes you to the top station which features its own restaurant, live music (after sunset), and the views from here are simply breathtaking! Best time is to go during late afternoons and wait to catch the sunset here.

Cost: 15 GEL per adult, 5 GEL per child

On the way to the top…
From the cable car… bird’s view 🙂
The world is but a stage heheh…
Time to pose 😉

10. Satisfy your cravings at Dona bakeshop:

This shop will immediately give you the much needed adrenaline and you’re going to want to try everything here. But, take a deep breath and choose 1 dessert and see if you’ll like it. When I ate it, it didn’t feel very fresh but the taste was fine. Also, some desserts have rum in them and are placed separately so do ask before buying.

I think it cost 2-3 GEL.
Selling for 35 GEL

Do these things excite you to visit this beautiful city? My favorite was number 2 and 3. Been to Batumi? What was your favorite thing to do?

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