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Paragliding in Georgia


Having tried Parasailing a couple of times in Malaysia, I yearned to give Paragliding a go too in Georgia. I wished to get certified and fly by myself but I lacked both cash and time. Nevertheless, I knew that I could still experience it with an instructor behind me, without having to worry about the technical details, lol.

Difference between Parasailing and Paragliding

Parasailing involves a parachute being tied to a motorboat or a jet ski and the person flies up in the air for 15-20 minutes either solo or in a pair. The parachute moves according to the movement of the speed boat that rides in the sea for that particular duration.

Parasailing above the waters

Paragliding, on the other hand, does not involve any connection to the ground or water. Instead, a canopy looking like a parachute is attached with a harness to the person who is lifted up in the air from the edge of the cliff.

Paragliding above the valleys

The Paragliding Experience

The only place where paragliding happens in Georgia is in Gudauri, 120 kms away from Tbilisi. It is reachable by private cars and group tour vans. There is no public transportation available to this area. However, if you go to Didube Bus station in Tbilisi, you can catch a shared mini van known as a marshrutka to Gudauri costing 7 GEL one way.

We stopped at Gudauri on our way to Kazbegi and were taken by a private car to the top of the mountain where the activity takes place. It took us roughly 10-15 minutes to reach.

Getting all geared up!

We were asked to pay and wait to be called to fly. I went first. The ground men quickly buckled me up with the harnesses, handed me a go pro attached to a selfie stick, put on a helmet for protection and then signaled “ready” to the instructor. The instructor came in and hooked up his harness and we each had individual seats for comfort.

Going to take off.. let’s pretend to run hhhh.

I was asked to run and not sit until we were up in the air. In less than 2 minutes, I was already flying! I cannot tell you how happy I was, high up in the air. The location was so apt for this activity!

Enjoying the view and the flight ❤️

Take me back here! It screams “peace”.

View from above!

Flying above the valleys, reaching the snow capped mountains which were getting rid of the left over snow trying to welcome summer, waving at people far below me and shouting out my name loud to them and the country I belong to, and just breathing in fresh air; what more could I ask for?

Preparing to land..

The experience was absolutely mesmerizing! It was almost time for landing and I was asked to lift and bend my knees and allow the instructor to land first on the ground. We safely landed at the same spot that we took off from.

Landed very awkwardly but I’m super happy!

However, a friend of mine landed in the valleys below due to weight issues. The combined weight of the instructor and my friend did not allow them to go high up and they instead went through the valleys and explored that region.

Cost: 100 USD and 10 GEL

Time: 12-15 minutes of flying

Location: Gudauri, Georgia

Check out the entire video of my Paragliding experience below. (Videography is included in the above cost and they upload your video on their YouTube Channel after a day or two.)


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