From the Heart, Home

A Little Reflection

t was getting late and I hadn’t prayed Taraweeh. I realized that I couldn’t postpone it any longer or sleep would dominate my plans. Since mosques are closed this year due to the pandemic and no taraweeh prayers are held in a congregation, I decided to pray Taraweeh at home by reading from the Qur’an. I got up, made wudu, laid the Sajjadah in the direction of Qiblah, and took the Qur’an out of its holder. It was the 4th day of Ramadan and I was due to begin with the 4th Juz. I had just finished reciting Surah Fatihah and flipped open the Mushaf, allowing the bookmarker to guide me to the fourth Juz. I began reciting the introductory verse.