From the Heart, Home

A Little Reflection

t was getting late and I hadn’t prayed Taraweeh. I realized that I couldn’t postpone it any longer or sleep would dominate my plans. Since mosques are closed this year due to the pandemic and no taraweeh prayers are held in a congregation, I decided to pray Taraweeh at home by reading from the Qur’an. I got up, made wudu, laid the Sajjadah in the direction of Qiblah, and took the Qur’an out of its holder. It was the 4th day of Ramadan and I was due to begin with the 4th Juz. I had just finished reciting Surah Fatihah and flipped open the Mushaf, allowing the bookmarker to guide me to the fourth Juz. I began reciting the introductory verse. 

From the Heart, Home

Twenty Seven on 27th

I wasn’t unhappy because I was getting old. I was unhappy because the life that I had envisioned for myself by the time I hit 27 was nowhere close to the one that I was currently living in.

From the Heart, Home

I saw change. I assumed.

I went to the mall today. It wasn't planned. I just had to get out of the car, quickly cross the highway road hoping that the fast moving cars would slow down for me and help make my way into the parking area of the mall. There was no traffic signal around the area which… Continue reading I saw change. I assumed.