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Part 3- Body and Soul

Body and Soul - Part 3 of the poem series 🔆

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Part 2: Body and Soul

I am departing from my body Please help, somebody! No one to hear my grievances I am totally overwhelmed with disturbances God wants to send me to some another world Which lacks precious stones and gold. "Why are you taking me away, ugly face?" For years, I lived fighting cases To pile up my pyramidical… Continue reading Part 2: Body and Soul

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Part 1: Body and Soul

You are departing from my body Please help, Somebody! I can't bear this departure Just stop this torture. I want to stay with you some more time And make you repent for the committed crime "Hey, you! Bring him back to me Why do you want to snatch him from me and flee?" The loud,… Continue reading Part 1: Body and Soul

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Why you in a hurry?

The sea is so vast The sky is so high Then, why you in a hurry, Without wings, to fly? Acquire the knowledge first And then, plan. Or, you will end up nowhere, O Man! The people are infinite The weapons, overflowing Yes, I agree. Is that why you in a hurry, Without purpose, to… Continue reading Why you in a hurry?

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Run away

Sometimes, silence is better. A storm is playing within But no one needs to know. Keep it to yourself and Let it go. It does take a special someone To understand, feel and break the painful silence. But, what can you do when They are devoid of your remembrance? So, go on with the undesired… Continue reading Run away

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Turn the Page

Pour it down, let it wash away Ain't nobody waiting to hold it today Why would you even expect that? They call you crazy- straight out flat. And perhaps, it's okay 'Cos you let them close like bae. They had a choice to handle you with care When you're down Or, to simply walk away.… Continue reading Turn the Page