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Looking for some Saudi souvenirs to buy for family & friends? Here’s where you should go

Eid is lurking around the corner, perhaps waiting for today’s Maghrib prayer to be called out and plans of travel are already buzzing all around. Almost everyone wants to do something special to celebrate this Festival in a joyous way and for most living in Saudi Arabia, the joy comes when we travel to meet our families back home or go elsewhere to explore a new country.

Ground floor of the shop. Everyone’s busy shopping!
All stacked. My heart is stuck though. Spoilt for choices 😅😅😅
If gifting souvenirs is your favorite kind of gift to remind your loved ones about your life in Saudi Arabia, look no further and head over to Camel Corner to get your souvenir collection ready.
Everything you need to know about Saudi Arabia in just a plate 😄😄😄
The handicrafts and souvenir shop is located in the middle of Suwailem Street, famous for its variety of wholesale and retail toy shops, in Old Deerah area of Riyadh.
Previously, it had branches in Kingdom hospital and King Faisal specialist hospital but they have been closed down for a while now.

It’s called the Camel Corner but the shop is named in Arabic, so this is the sign board you’d be looking for.


Fun fact: All the souvenirs are obviously catering to the Saudi history, culture and habits but none of them are manufactured here. It’s all either from China or India 😁😅😅 (thanks to cheap labor and accessibility


SAR 10 onwards. Just go on a shopping spree of magnets alreadyyyy 🛒🛒🛍️
Prices range from 10-100 SAR for items on the ground floor while the top floor items go up to 300 SAR and beyond. A little on the high end if you compare them with prices of other souvenirs around the world, but totally fine according to Saudi standards and considering the lack of competitors to drive down the price.
Keychains for 10-15 SAR each ♥️♥️

I can’t stop adoring the depiction of a Saudi man and woman in their traditional attires. Perfect for a gift, if only they didn’t have the facial features. Muslims usually don’t prefer to keep display items which have faces drawn as angels don’t enter a house which have pictures of living beings displayed.

I can make a whole story just by positioning these differently. Ahahhaha 😅
Time to get all creative!

Their bag collection is good too. Quality wise, it’s average but what else do you expect for 30-40 SAR with “Saudi Arabia” printed all over it?

Other antique looking household items like holders, astrays, little round boxes and decorative showcase pieces are also available.

Reminds me of Aladdin and his magic lamp 💭💭💭

The first floor has seats and chairs, a few cushions and pillows, drawers and storage items; all of them with that vintage tint to it.

Can I feel like a princess? 👸👑👑

These little buckets with a comfy cushion are super cute! Aren’t they? 😍😍

Overall, a good place to shop for souvenirs until tourism here kick-starts and invites other shops for a good competition in this souvenir business market.

Note: Parking space is quite limited on the street. You should be able to find an open area on the opposite end of the Street (the other side away from the Perfume shops) where you can park your car.


For more info, follow them on Instagram @camelcorner and Facebook @camelcorner

If you’re looking for luggage tag souvenirs or a fully packed souvenir package (99 SAR), head over to Jarir Bookstore. It’s a little pricey but the quality seemed promising.

What did I buy?

It looked so classy to me. They have three colors : gold, silver and bronze.

What about you? What will you buy? 😉


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